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We take the long-view in helping middle-market businesses reach their true potential

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West Lane Capital Partners is actively pursuing investment opportunities in companies where we can add-value and help the business grow over time.

Long-term view

We support the long-term strategic goals of our portfolio company management teams throughout the investment period, and we look to align the interests of all partners in order to create long-term value in our companies.

Equitable business only

We implement management incentive programs to ensure that management teams are rewarded for strong performance and that management teams share in the upside of the business.

Every deal is unique

We know that every transaction is unique and we are focused on working with portfolio companies and their management teams to create specific investment structures that best meets everyone’s long term needs and objectives.

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Our core values

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We are determined and dedicated to our work and our partners' success.


As a creative team, flexibility is core to how we operate; from deal structures to problem solving.


We believe being understanding, patient, and long-term focused with partners and teammates helps build better businesses.


We only invest in what we know, which allows us to add value to our portfolio companies.

Partner Mindset

We take a partnership approach in how we structure all our transactions and ongoing relationships.

Nick Sternberg is the Managing Partner of West Lane Capital Partners and a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in Investment Banking, Private Equity, and Business Operations

Michael Wentz is a Vice President at West Lane Capital. Michael brings extensive experience in strategy, corporate development, and management consulting to his role at the firm.

Our Team

Nick Sternberg

Managing Partner

Michael Wentz

Vice President