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West Lane Capital Partners is a private investment firm that partners with entrepreneurs and management teams to invest in lower middle-market companies. In addition to providing capital, we are actively engaged partners across the strategy, operations and finance functions within our portfolio businesses.

We focus on control investments in the consumer, food & beverage, broader manufacturing and the financial and business services sectors and our experience allows us to invest in both successful growing businesses as well as more difficult and complex situations. We also know that every transaction is unique and we are focused on working 

with portfolio companies and their management teams to create specific investment structures that best meets everyone’s long term needs and objectives.

West Lane Capital Partners is very focused on supporting the long-term strategic goals of our portfolio company management teams throughout the investment period and we look to align the interests of all partners in order to create long-term equity value in our companies. We implement management equity and bonus plans to ensure that management teams are rewarded for strong performance and that management teams share in value creation of the business.

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